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Individual Moulds Units
Each mould unit is manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304 by joining two halves., drawn separately using the process of decay free TIG welding.
Tailor made as per your requirement :
Individual moulds units are then fabricated to form a mould set as per your requirements, for using them in brine tanks or different automatic machines, fabrication of mould sets carried out completely using stainless steel AISI 304.

Consistency :
Constant Inspection and stringent quality control at all stages of manufacturing ensure that each mould unit adheres to the volume and other specifications of the clients.

Longer life :
Anti corrosive and excellent strength properties of stainless steel ensure an excellent performance of the moulds for many years to come.

Wide Range :
Wide range of shapes along with a very flexible volume range for each individual shape to meet your exact requirement.

Surface finish :
Each mould set is given a brite electrolytic finish which lasts as long as the metal itself, ensuring a sparkling finish for many years to come.